The largest volcano in Europe – symbol of nature’s ardour and an ancient and tenacious viniculture – is the place that brothers Diego and Alberto Cusumano have chosen together with their father Francesco for their new and impassioned challenge: to create wines that express the quality and character of a unique land.
After years of searching, there appeared in April 2013 a unique opportunity to acquire the first three contrade on the northern slopes of Etna. A continually evolving project that began with the reconstruction of the traditional dry stone walls of the terraces of Guardiola – the contrada (district) whose stunning beauty nurtures the underlying motivation and inspiration and whose name is given to the entire project: ALTA MORA.


Designed with maximum respect for the grape and its integrity, the winery was built in accordance with the tenets of hypogean architecture, affording considerable energy savings thanks to natural heat insulation and the use of biomass energy. Made with natural materials such as lava and opus signinum, the structure integrates seamlessly with the pristine natural surroundings. Cool in summer, mild in winter, the lava rock in the basement helps to keep and control temperature and humidity and with good shelter from the light, it ensures optimal conditions for all stages of winemaking.

The hand-picked grapes are loaded into crates and sent by belt conveyors to a vibration destemmer. As if plucked off by hand, they fall whole in a soft roller presser.
After vinification without yeast and no moving mechanical parts, the marc is racked off by hand and transported without the use of pumps in presses: grape skins should never be handled roughly. Malolactic fermentation and refining takes place in a cellar that is temperature-controlled, protected from light and from temperature fluctuations and with the necessary humidity.